What is Chime?

Chine is an American company offering financial service for the customer online. It is founded in the year 2013 in California. We are one of the best online-only banks. If you need to make sense of your hard-earned money, you can trust us, and we ensure that your money is safe and accessible. We will be offering free deposit accounts, and you can make use of it using a visa debit card. Contact +1-855-908-5194 for chime customer service.

Our core values 

  • Fineness
  • Customer focus
  • Customers
  • Sustainability


Our bank is operating in a highly automated environment driven by technology as well as communication systems. Our mobile application enables speedy fund transfer. The access is provided for our retail customers via Automated Teller Machines. We are proceeding away in acquiring great technology that is available internationally for building the world-class banking service. Chime Bank is engaging with the internet to provide our customers ease of use. Contact Chime Customer Service in case if you are facing any issue.

How Chime’s baking app differs from others?

We have a wide range of fan followers of Chime’s mobile banking application. We are going to discuss how Chime is happening at the customer level, the business model, and the feature level. Our chime banking app, to help your tools to manage your money and automate your saving, also offers a better start when it comes to reaching financial independence. Here are some of the useful details are mentioned for your consideration:

Customer Relationship

In today’s digital world, consumers expect all services with the help of phones, including financial services. Our company excels in creating digital experiences with traditional financial banks to create new opportunities. We deliver excellent customer service to our clients. Retail banks would manage distribution and customer acquisition, but with this, we produce a new app model for our customers. So, the change in ownership over the customer relationship we have has a lasting impact on traditional retail banking.

Best and Niche providers

We are facing the complexities of creating and distributing a mobile application that produced an ecosystem of financial niche providers. Our platform has a unique financial provider in a specific area: Personal finance, money transfer, and lending. We also offer visas to facilitate debit payments, Bankcorp, and CBW to deposit saving in FDIC-insured products. Our customers not only choose an account manager, but they will also be able to select their financial service provider from a marketplace.

Save more money by using the Chime app

Nowadays, saving money is a big thing. Yet, if you want to get out of debt, immediately build an emergency fund to save up. The Chime will create a path to grow your savings. The following are some of the ways you can save more money using the Chime app:

Get rid of ATM fees

You probably have to use ATMs within your bank’s network in order to avoid this fee. You can use a bank outside the network, here you’ll see a charge on your statement. If you have a Chime app, you can quickly locate and use 24,000 fee-free ATMs. Using this method, you can access a larger fee-free ATM network than offered through other big banks.

Obtain your paycheck early

The true saving method means you save a portion of your paycheck each month before paying your bills. We develop away, you don’t get worried about money away on needless purchases, and you’ll instead get one step closer to your financial goals. So that, we make it simple to pay yourself first, that offers a feature Save When You Get Paid. Once you login into an account, you can automatically direct a percentage of every paycheck into your Chime saving account. 

Monitor your finances on the go

When you use the Chime app, you’ll get a push notification for every transaction and balance update every morning. Know your fund details will allow you to curtail spending even transfer money from your expense to your savings account to help you meet your desired goals.

Do transaction instantly

Chime app has amazing features, you no longer need to bother about being stuck footing the bill when you are going out with friends. Using this, you send money to other chime members who also have this mobile wallet feature and get paid within seconds. If you’re not still grabbing the benefits of the Chime app, simply approach the Chime Customer Service to avail the ultimate things from your own place without leaving the comfort of your home.

We add value services

The growing mobile environment has produced an opportunity for fintech companies and enabled them to think about how they can recreate their services and add value to core offerings. The following are few of the features and trends available in Chime, they provide:

  • Real-time transaction alters and notifications
  • Automated saving, budgeting, and payments
  • Having real-time fraud protections
  • Find across transaction, accounts, and categories
  • Transparent, no fees, enhanced reward systems
  • Tax optimization and digital receipts
Always available for you!

If you have any queries and issues related to Chime, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Chime Customer Service team is accessible for you to clarify your doubts and concerns. For your convenience, we have provided multiple options to communicate with us. You can make a call using this number +1-855-908-5194, we are presentable on Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm Central Standard Time. We are available on Sunday but having restrictions in timing 9 am to 5 pm CST.

Qualities people like about our banking service 
  • No transfer and transaction fees. You do not have to deposit any amount in order to open your bank account in our bank.
  • We will be offering an automatic saving feature, which is helpful for the people to meet the financial goals quickly.
  • Our mobile application is providing ease of use, just like Google pay. And our app is rated as 4.6 stars on Google play store and 4.7 stars on iOS.
Comprehensive mobile application 

You can able to manage and control your chime account in our exclusive mobile application. The app gives you instant transaction notifications and daily balance notifications anytime you are using your card. It is really important to block your account in case if it is stolen or lost. Our mobile app will provide you such service and help the customers to block their accounts instantly. We really care for our customers, so Chime Customer Service includes a built-in transfer application such as ‘Pay friends.’ If you tap the button, you can transfer funds to others who have chime accounts.

Manage your money using our banking service!

You have to learn how to manage your finances, and it is not like the fact that you are studied in your school. Yes, you can make use of a mobile banking application to make managing your money easier. Mobile banking is one of the convenient ways when compared with traditional banking methods. You need not wait in a queue in order to deposit or withdraw your money. Most conventional banking is also having a mobile application, but all of them are not user-friendly and easy to use.

This is where we come into existence. It is really easy to use and work to control your financial life. We are offering the best and user-friendly mobile app, which will give the power to take care of your money. It is possible to track your spending when you are using our app. You will be getting transaction alerts instantly, and these alerts are sent to your mobile phone if you are using your debit card.

Want to save your money for a rainy day?

Yes, it is possible! Our banking app will help to save money for your future, and it is considered to be an effortless way. When you do not want to wait for the customer care rep to attend your call, our mobile app is the only way in order to resolve your query. So, now you are ready to manage your money.

Download our application today! If you are an Android user, make use of the Google play store. Or if you are iOS users, download it from the App store.

Join our winning team 

Chime is one of the fastest-growing players offering banking services via mobile application and online banking in the US. We are facilitating over 10 million bank accounts without having any bank branches. We also have a great management team in Fintech. Our mission and passion are about applying technology in all our banking services. When you are seeking to join our growing team, we need to meet you. We are offering plenty of job opportunities in the US, and you can know about the posting vacancy on our website.

We know that great work is not done alone. That is why we are building our professional team to benefit our customers as well as our employees. Our team will hire the candidates of any religion, color, gender, age, family status, disability, or any other status. We are taking pride that we are an equal opportunity employer. In case, if you are having a disability and want some special requirements, please let our teams know. You can view chime applicant privacy notice in order to learn about how our company is collecting and using your personal information for the period of the application process.