Cryptocurrency Trading: Everything You Need to Know

Over the past few decades, using cryptocurrency is a major focus of people for a different purpose. People wish to use a different form of digital currency that best for the transaction and others. Bitcoin is a popular type of digital currency today that attracts lots of individuals. It helps users to make transactions worldwide without any hassle. When deciding to buy this type of currency, it is essential for people to understand crypto slang. The users never need to get approval from the government authority or banks for the transaction.

Before entering into the crypto world, you can do simple research about slang. You can understand more about terminology and make the right decision to buy digital money. People need to know slang words before diving into the cryptocurrency niche. People must familiar with important terms that suit the constant Buy Bitcoin. It helps you to dive into the deep world of digital money. People are very interested in the different slang of crypto when it comes to space. You can stay confident in the crypto world for a long time and make decisions for investment. Here are some of the important slangs that everyone should know.


It is an alternative coin that acts like cryptocurrency rather than bitcoin. It shares attributes with bitcoin but differs from them. It uses diverse consensus mechanisms to generate blocks and facilitate the transaction. It offers new capabilities like low price volatility and smart contract. It is introduced after the success of bitcoin. You can learn more about several differences between bitcoin and altcoin. The types of altcoin are stable coin, security token, utility token, and mining-based crypto. The framework is similar for both but works differently.


It means increase or rising. It describes the situation whenever the asset is experiencing an increase regarding the price. It is also considered as the upward movement in the asset’s price. As soon as the asset is going through the recent trend, the traders make the asset purchase decision to grab the countless benefits of the bullish trend. It is a big deal for the traders who wish to get more benefits for their investments. If you purchase bitcoin or some other coins as it is going throughout the bullish trend, you will be called the bull.


FOMO is the fear of missing out that everyone needs to know about that. The users must consider trend, opportunity, and the decision that great for the value and importance. When it comes to the crypto world, you can gain the stunning advantage of price trends. The users can feel better while the price of an asset is increased. It is advisable for people to join the latest trend. You can gain the great experience in the FOMO while the asset is cheaper. People can sell an asset before the price goes down. You can make a wise decision to buy the digital asset. You can consider slang and price as well.


It stands for hold on to your beloved life. It is misspelled term that is determined by the crypto community. It manages or keeps assets rather than selling the asset. It acts as a great strategy to manage asset reliability in the long run. If the price of the asset goes down, it continues to hold the price rather than selling the coin. Whether you wish to pick up the HODL bitcoin or other assets, you can able to Buy Bitcoin. On the other hand, you can access the altcoin at the time. People hope that price of an asset is increased in the future.

  • It is a simple and easy strategy that comes up with two steps of holding and purchasing.
  • In order to become successful holders, people must wait patiently.
  • It acquires a month or years to perform.
  • If it takes more time, people can affect by FOMO and FUD.
  • You can use these things to sell an asset at a low price and get low profits as well.


It is a digital currency term that manages valuable assets. Whether the price of asset declines gradually, investors can sell the asset to reduce the risk of loss and others. Investors want to hold on to the digital asset and also rise eventually. The currency is continued to go to some point where the value is low. The investor who manages this asset is regarded as a bagholder. The investors can keep up them till coin worth.


It handles a large amount of the desired crypto. It has less power to control the market based on the number of assets manages. It is capable to make the big trade that takes over the market. It is regarded as a person who keeps the amount of bitcoin. Whether want to buy or sell the bitcoin, it affects the price of the bitcoin market.


It stands for fear of uncertainty and doubts that increase by media to impact the market. The slang is utilized while individuals try to develop a panic state in the market. It is performed by releasing details that bring sentiment about the asset. It can cause the rate of the asset to dip and never due to analysis or charts. It is also often because of the release of information. It is no reliable backing. This one fears a trader to buy or sell the asset.


It is exactly opposite to the bullish trend. Bearish is often accessed to describe the situation or circumstance where the assets are confronting the price decline. It mentioned the downward movement in cryptocurrency pricing. Being a trader, you should be aware of this term and make the right purchase decision to stay away from potential problems. Traders who are getting the advantage from the bearish market often described as BEARs.

Apart from these, you will find many crypto slang words on the internet. It helps you to enhance your interaction in crypto chats, meetings, and blogs. It also allows you to become the best crypto trader and grabs unlimited benefits.

Important things should know

So far, you have learned about the major crypto slangs and in the following section, you get to know the vital things about the bitcoin purchase online. It is really helpful for those who are newbies to the crypto market.

Reputable online crypto vendor verify your identity

Imagine the processes you have undergone when opened the bank account for the first time. You need to submit any one of the government issues identity cards including a passport, driver’s license, and others. Next, fill-up the form and sign in the required fields. In other words, you had to showcase your intent in opening the bank account and then prove whatever you said in the form true. The same thing is now followed by the crypto vendor.

Before you tend to Buy Bitcoin using a credit/debit card or using any other financial service, you have to verify your identity. When users prove their identity, it assists cryptocurrency vendors and exchanges to safeguard themselves and their users from fraudulent activities. You are not required to open the account in person just like the bank. However, it does not mean that you can walk into the website and showcase your ID card to buy crypto online,

Almost all reputable crypto vendors will ask to see the photo ID, which holds your photograph. This is the only way for the vendor to ensure that the person who opens the account and holds the ID card is the same. It is always essential to be safe on the online platform so that research well whenever you select where to purchase crypto. Additionally, ensure the service you use is trustworthy and legitimate.

Must have a special wallet

People who are new to the crypto world never realize that they require a place to store the cryptocurrency. You cannot store the crypto in the bank account just like the fiat currency. Keep in mind that cryptocurrency is virtual and decentralized. It means that it lives outside of the banking system. So, you need something to keep the cryptocurrencies safe and secure. This is where the wallet comes into the play.

You will find different forms in the cryptocurrency wallets such as mobile app, desktops, hardware, and paper. Whichever wallet you select for your crypto, you will be obtained the wallet address and secret code/private keys. The wallet address is the string of numbers and letters, which you access to receive the cryptocurrency. The private key lets you utilize your crypto holdings as well as trade or sell the crypto.

Remember that every cryptocurrency has its own blockchain, which is nothing but the technology that enables cryptocurrency to exist. This is the major reason for every crypto has a different format for its wallet addresses. It means your bitcoin wallet address and Ethereum wallet address will be different. This scenario is the same even when you are accessing a multi-currency wallet, which allows you to view all of your holdings in a single place.

Are you thinking about how to choose a wallet? Spend some time and research well. The major category of the wallet is hot and cold. Hot wallets live online, which render you easier access to your funds but more susceptible to hacking. On the other hand, cold wallets live offline, which are safer for storage. However, it is hard to recover whenever they are lost or damaged. So, you can now make a decision regarding the wallet.