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Roadrunner is an advanced Email Service featuring more options for sending and receiving personal and professional emails. It has been used by more than millions of people across the world from various devices. Now Roadrunner could be easily accessed through the internet connectivity via Smartphone, PC, Tablet, or any others. Time Warner Cable (TWC) is the leading Internet Service Provider and top communication-based company. Roadrunner Email Setting for iPhone can be configured by the below steps however you can contact RR support +1-844-600-0805.

When you like to send your Email faster to the other end, then choosing the Roadrunner is the best option. Roadrunner Email works perfectly on all the devices so that it is easier to activate your account on multiple devices without any hassle. With the introduction of the Roadrunner Email, it is much easier to improve the communication level. It is highly suitable for the business to thrive in the modern-day and fulfills all the requirements of the Email user.

Advancement in Roadrunner Email:

With the use of Roadrunner Email service, it is a much more significant option for sending and receiving the Email cross the world within seconds. Now you could easily set up the Roadrunner Email on the iOS and Android devices even without any hassle. For setting the Roadrunner Email, it is important to follow certain criteria. Activating the roadrunner email settings iPhone becomes much easier than you think.

The settings could be different when you update the iOS from the older version to the newer one or even from one device to another. Many numbers of people find it difficult to initiate or to set the r roadrunner email settings on their updated iOS. Below are the required steps that would definitely give you more options to complete your journey on the Roadrunner Email. Below steps would definitely be helpful for you to easily set up Roadrunner Email on the iOS device even without any confusion.

Roadrunner Email Configuration:

To make sure that the Roadrunner Email runs smoothly on your iPhone, it is quite important to activate the settings accordingly. It is mainly recommended for using the IMAP to enable the roadrunner email settings iPhone. It plays an important role in providing complete smoothness while accessing your account. You could also use the POP3 for setting up rr e-mail on iPhone, but experts recommend only the IMAP for better security and performance of the Email. Normally there are two major Email protocols are required for access, such as the Roadrunner IMAP Settings as well as POP3. It is helpful for sending and receiving the Email from anywhere without any hassle,

Compared to the POP3, RR IMAP is considered as the safer option to easily get smooth performance. While the POP3 could cause synchronization errors while sending, receiving, or even accessing the Email. Therefore, it is not highly recommended for accessing your Email on your device or on multiple devices. Sometimes you could also resolve the message stating, “the mail server denied access to your account because another mail client was using it.”

How to Setup RoadRunner on your iPhone?

Roadrunner Email requires the appropriate configuration on your iPhone device so that it would be easier to provide a smoother experience overall. Whether you are choosing the POP3 Server and IMAP server settings for your Email, you could follow the below guidelines. Whether you are using the iPhone or iPad, you could follow instructions to Setup roadrunner email settings iPhone.

  • Select Settings on your iPhone
  • Scroll down
  • Click Mail, Contacts and Calendars
  • Click “Add account.”
  • Select Other
  • Click “Add Mail Account”
  • Enter the following information:
  • Name: your name
  • Email: your Road Runner email-address
  • Password: your Road Runner email-password
  • Description: enter “Road Runner.”
  • Choose pop3 incoming mail server
  • Enter the following information:
  • Hostname: pop-server.dc.rr.com
    • Username: email
    • Password: your email password
  • Goto outgoing mail server
  • Enter the following information:
    • Hostname: mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com
    • Username: email
    • Password: your email password
  • Click ‘Save ‘
  • Select your Email address
  • Scroll down on mail server
  • Choose SMTP
  • Under the Main server
  • Select mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com
  • The following information will be displayed:
  • SSL: none
  • Serverport: 25
  • Click done
  • Go to the previous screen
  • Choose Advanced
  • Check the following information
  • SSL: none
  • Serverport: pop-server.dc.rr.com
  • Go to the previous screen
  • Restart your iPhone
  • Finish the setup
How To Access Your Roadrunner Email using IMAP?

With the completion of the configuration on the roadrunner email settings iPhone, it is important to activate your account on the device. It would be a much more suitable option for saving your time by following the below instructions.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Select the option “Mails, Contacts, and Calendars.”
  • Choose “Passwords and Accounts”
  • Click “Add Account”
  • You will get the display of several e-mail hosts on your screen
  • Access “Others” option
  • Click “Add Mail Account” again, and you could get information
  • Enter your details
    • Name
    • Address
    • Password
    • Description

Providing the name will be helpful for using the Roadrunner Email on the iPhone. Click the address that includes Roadrunner Email ID; then, you can enter your password. The description box on the settings will gets filled automatically.

  • Click “Next” upon completing all the settings
  • You are prompt on Verifying account information
  • Roadrunner email settings server information includes the following on the outgoing and incoming server
  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Server for e-mail: mail.twc.com
  • Outgoing Server for e-mail: mail.twc.com

Now you can sign in with information that includes Username such as yourusername@twc.com. Now you would be entering the password.

To alter Roadrunner Email Settings, you could easily follow the below information

  • Incoming Server (IMAP): 993
  • Outgoing Server (SMTP): 587
  • SSL: Click “ON” SSL setting for both IMAP and SMTP
  • Send emails using RR.COM for using the mobile carrier’s outgoing server port.
  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Server for e-mail: mobile.carrier.net
  • Outgoing Server for e-mail: mobile.carrier.net
  • For getting the authentication, you will be asked with permission for using the Roadrunner Email settings in the incoming mail server.
  • Click “Checked” or “Yes”
What is POP Server Settings For The Roadrunner Email?

POP email setting used in the Roadrunner Email especially allows the user to quickly set the Email on multiple devices. However, there are some of the common issues that mainly arise, such as it does not sync to the device. Incoming Server for POP server setting will be completely pop server .dc.rr.com. Normally, the incoming port will be about 110, and there is no SSI security. The mobile SMTP server will be displayed on roadrunner.com.  With the use of settings specific for Roadrunner Email, it is easier for configuring. Below is the step-by-step process suitable for the roadrunner email settings iPhone using the POP server

  • Open “Settings”
  • Click “Mail, Contacts, and Calendar”
  • Select “Add Account,” followed by “Other.”
  • Click “Add Mail Account”
  • Enter all the details required.
  • Get verified
  • After verification, you need to input the certain server information
  • Choose an incoming mail server
  • Select Roadrunner email settings POP3
  • Submit a few details
  • For incoming mail server:
    • Hostname: pop-server.dc.rr.com
    • Username: Your mail address
    • Password: The password required for signing up
  • Enter the information to provide outgoing mail server
    • Hostname: mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com
    • Username: Your mail address
    • Password: Enter the password required for signing up
  • Click “Save”
  • Click your e-mail address for next interface
  • Scroll down in the page
  • Click STMP option
  • Click “Main Server”
  • Select mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com
Other Methods To Setup :

SSL and Server port details will be displayed. It is important to make sure that the Server port displays “25”. SSL displays “None.”

  • Click “Done”
  • Now you need to go back to the previous page
  • Click “Advanced”
  • Server port displays pop-server.dc.rr.com
  • SSL displays none
  • Click “Done” again
  • Roadrunner mail on iPhone with POP3 is complete
  • Restart your iOS device

When you like to change the settings in your Roadrunner Email, then you could easily go to the Accounts. You can update the configuration.In other words you can contact RR Helpline Number +1-844-600-0805  for more help.

How to Set Up Roadrunner Email on iPad?
  • Open the main screen
  • Choose the settings option
  • Click Accounts and Password
  • Click option add the account
  • Select the other
  • Select to add mail account
  • A new window will be displayed
  • Enter the Name, Email, Password, and Description in respective fields
  • Choose rr.com email server settings (Choose either IMAP or POP settings)
  • Set correct configurations for server
  • Click “submit.”

Now you have the better option for choosing Email settings; you need to drop down the menu, then you could scroll into the mail. With setting the configuration, it is a much easier option for accessing the Roadrunner Email in a much more easier way.

How to configure TWC.COM e-mail server settings with IMAP and SMTP?

When you are looking for activating your TWC roadrunner email for your account, it is best to follow the below information.

  • Open “my accounts application.”
  • Click add account
  • Enter the roadrunner email password
  • Enter the roadrunner username
  • Configure account in roadrunner email settings
  • Set IMAP server as mail.twc.com
  • Security as none
  • Set Port for IMAP as 993 for setting ports
  • Make security type as SSL /TLS
  • Make security port as 993
  • Set the insecure port as 143
  • Set security type as none
Settings the SMTP:
  • Set SMTP server with mail.twc.com
  • Security type as None
  • Port for outgoing SMTP port as 587
  • Security type as SSL/TLS
  • Security type as None.
  • Click on the option done
  • Roadrunner IMAP and SMTP settings are successfully done

Configuring the SMTP based on this technique is much easier for accessing the Roadrunner account in a much more hassle-free manner. The above steps are easier to configure with the settings in the iPhone as well as the iPad making it much more option for saving your time. With accurately setting the configuration, it is easier to access the Roadrunner account easily on your device.

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