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Are you using the Roadrunner as your internet service provider in your business? Then you can able to include one or more email accounts. Yes, Roadrunner is one of the services which are offered by a communication-based company, Time Warner cable internet service provider. But you can use the service only if you are the user of TWC services. You have to know about how to configure the roadrunner email server settings in order to use them. Want to gain more information about configuration? Keep on reading the upcoming section.

How to configure the server settings?

In general, mail server settings are the one which should make on the settings of your email in order to link or receive the mails from one service to another. You have to make two kinds of roadrunner email server settings, and they are as follows,

  • Incoming mail server settings
  • Outgoing mail server settings

Things you need to have for server settings 

  • For incoming mail server settings:

You should know about the account type of the incoming server. It should be IMAP. Then you need a valid email address which is considered to be your username. Next will be providing the server hostname, i.e. The server port number is 933. Then you might have to cross the authentication in which you have to give your password. And then you can see the field SSL/TLS, in that you should enter ‘yes’. This is all about the incoming mail server settings.

  • For outgoing mail server settings:

It will be asking about the username, and you are supposed to enter your email id. Then you need to provide the server hostname, which is Then you are asked to enter the server port, i.e. 587. For authentication purposes, you have to enter your password. At last, in the SSL/TLS field, you need to enter ‘yes’. This is all about the outgoing mail server settings.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to make roadrunner email server settings. Since you are facing any issues on setting up the server, and then you can contact roadrunner tech support. They will be providing you with detailed information regarding the mail server settings.

Steps to configure it with your outlook account

  • You need to open your outlook account in the device you need to connect the roadrunner email.
  • On the outlook account, you have to move to the file tab present in it.
  • Then you have to click the button ‘file’, and you can move to the next step.
  • Click the button ‘add account’ on the right side of the page.
  • Then you have to click on the tab which is named as ‘manually configure server settings or additional server types’, and you can now move to further steps.
  • You need to choose the account type as ‘internet Email’. Then provide with your email address which is given for the roadrunner setup and then your password.
  • Choose the ‘account type’ and enter your incoming mail server ‘’.
  • Then you have to fill the outgoing mail server ‘’. Then you can proceed further.
  • It will be asking your roadrunner username as well as password, and you have to type it in the required field. If you need to have the remember password option, then you can click that too. Then click on the ‘next’ button.
  • Now, you are redirected to a page in order to verify your roadrunner email. When the process is completed, click on the ‘close’ button to finish the process.
  • At last, you have to click the button ‘finish’ in order to add your roadrunner email to your outlook account.

Now, you have made successful changes on your roadrunner account. If you have followed the steps mentioned above, then you can able to send a mail from your roadrunner account to your outlook account. So, this will help you to access your email account in the outlook itself without opening the roadrunner account. If anyone wishes to contact the official person, then you can directly make a call to the roadrunner customer care number. They will be providing you with the necessary information.

Common roadrunner email login problems

You do not doubt that the roadrunner email is providing an excellent service for their users, and it is considered to be one of the best mailing services. You have to know about the fact that, this RR mail service is exclusively available for the persons who are using the TWC modem. It is offering high-speed internet service as well as email service for its users. Every time you are connecting the TWC modem on your device, you are redirected to the Roadrunner login page. You can also login to your email service on that page itself.

But in many instances, most of the TWC users have reported them as they are facing unwanted login issues while using email services. Some persons reported that they could not be able to send or receive mails even after logging into their account. Here are some of the issues users are facing, they are as follows,

It is one of the common errors which are faced by most of the users. You have to remember that all the passwords are case-sensitive. So, make sure to turn off the caps lock on your device before entering a password.

  • Account has been locked. 

You can also see the error like your roadrunner account has been locked because of some reasons. Wrong configuration and interrupted internet connection will lead to such issues. Hence you have to make sure to configure your internet settings in a proper way before getting into your roadrunner mail account.

  • Account is suspended 

This issue arises when you are not using your roadrunner account over a long period of time. In such a situation, you have to contact the roadrunner customer care support for solving this issue.

  • Issues with servers 

Another issue for logging in onto your email is improper POP or IMAP services. When you are having any problems in the setting of these protocols, then these login issues may arise. So, you have to make roadrunner email server settings in a proper way as directed.

There are many ways to troubleshoot these kinds of problems. You can simply surf the internet, or you can contact the customer care support of the Roadrunner. They will be providing you with the necessary information and get back your email services.

Connecting with customer care support 

You can able to contact the roadrunner customer care support in two different ways; the methods are as follows,

  • You can able to call directly
  • The second way is by remote access

You can able to connect using the remote access which is available 24×7 or you can use the customer care number, which is provided by the company. Get them by surfing on the internet.

Connect with your android 

If you are using android OS, you can also use the roadrunner email services. In order to set up roadrunner email on your android mobile, you are in need of a roadrunner mail address and its password. Here are the steps to connect with your android,

Step 1: You need to tap the ‘Applications’ tab, which is present at the bottom of your screen. Once all the applications appear on the screen, you have to tap ‘email’.

Step 2: The next step involving is you have to tap the ‘Menu’ button. And then choose the ‘Accounts’ tab which is available in the pop-up menu. Again tap the ‘Menu’ button and select ‘Add Account’.

Step 3: Then you are in need to provide your roadrunner email address into the first space which is present on the page. In the next field, you need to type your password. Then tap the ‘Manual’ and then continue choosing the ‘POP3’ from the list. You will find some new group of settings.

Step 4: Under that, you have to type ‘’ and then select the port and type 110. On the security field, you have to set it as ‘none’. And then click the ‘Next’ button.

Step 5: Tap the field ‘SMTP’ server and then enter ‘’. On the Port field, enter the number 25. Set the security field as ‘None’. And then tap the button ‘Next’.

Step 6: This is the final step you are supposed to do to activate your Roadrunner on your android. You need to type the name on the field ‘your name’ which is present on the page. Tap the ‘Done’ button in order to finish the setup process.

These are the steps you have to follow for setup the roadrunner email on your android device. If you need to clarify anything, then you are free to contact the customer care service, and they are available 24 hours a day.

Unique features 

When you are using the Roadrunner for your personal use or official purpose, in either way, you can claim the benefits of using this email service. You will be getting an unlimited storage capacity. As it offers the ease of use, many people are preferred to use such mail service. Creating the mail roadrunner mail account is ultimately an easy one when you are perfectly done with the roadrunner email server settings. You will be getting ultimate protection from hackers as well as spyware. So, make use of it and find the best way of communication.

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