Follow The Steps To Receive Or Request Bitcoin Payment On Blockchain Wallet!

With the increasing demand for transacting money online, people start to move towards the digital payment process. Whatever the investment options it might be, everything is changing paperless! As a result of this, people can send and receive money at any time, anywhere! There are different types of cryptocurrency are available, Bitcoin is one of the most popular choices to perform transaction much faster.

Bitcoin is one of the most promising additions to make transactions much quicker with just a click away. Bitcoin is a digital currency that eases the process of transaction payment. Most importantly, a bitcoin transaction is an end-to-end technology and so users can Request Bitcoin Payment On Blockchain Wallet from any of the worlds at any time. You need to buy bitcoin from the digital market and doesn’t need any bank accounts and authority. With the help of bitcoin, you can easily manage and handle the transaction process without any worries. Without a doubt, bitcoin is one of the safest ways to transact your money!

Bitcoin is the handiest cryptocurrency around! With the help of bitcoins, users can purchase goods from retail stores that are ready to accept bitcoin payments.  If your friend requests a bitcoin payment, you can send them your address to accept and then you can make a bitcoin payment on a blockchain wallet. This article helps you to know the steps you need to know when Request Bitcoin Payment On Blockchain Wallet.

What is a Blockchain Wallet?

A blockchain is one of the fastest and safe media where users can perform secure online payments using bitcoins. When you are ready to use bitcoins payment, you will come to know that the user’s details are maintained properly. Blockchain wallet is the best option to store the bitcoins and then send and receive money for end-to-end users!

  • Free to use
  • Transactions are secure and private
  • Improved accuracy
  • Fastest growing technology


If you want to transfer funds, you can make use of a blockchain wallet and bitcoins can be transferred to other end users. Bitcoins are now greatly used to buy grocery items, goods, and more. The only thing is that you need to buy products only at the stores where bitcoins transactions are accepted. The great benefits of accessing the Blockchain wallet are to decentralize the online payment system. On the other hand, the transaction fee is very low when compared to other digital payment systems.

For example, if you want to send money to your friend using a bank account, you need to fill the challan with the desired amount. It takes a lot of time and so everyone starts to use the cryptocurrency payment system to transfer money from one end-user to others! Without having a second thought, it is time to use a Blockchain wallet to store the bitcoins to transfer funds to other accounts. On your wallet, the balance is available in bitcoins to eliminate the payment theft. With this, you can transfer money using bitcoins with a low transaction fee!

How does bitcoin work on blockchain wallet?

Bitcoin is a highly encrypted and digital currency where you can perform online transactions in a blockchain. Bitcoin is similar to digital coins and can be used for trading, purchasing goods online, and more. Bitcoins are stored anywhere such as a mobile phone or in the cloud! for

  • Bitcoin is a digital payment system and works based on advanced duplication process and mathematical principles.
  • It is impossible to steal the bitcoin from one’s account and so you can make of bitcoin payment to perform transactions much faster.
  • For all bitcoin transactions, a blockchain wallet is important and grows over a period of time. With just a single click, users can request payment or receive payment from other end users.
  • With the help of bitcoin payment, users can eliminate duplicate transactions, double spending, and more. Without a doubt, bitcoin requests or receive payment on a blockchain wallet can be done in a matter of a few seconds!
  • Anyone can use a blockchain wallet to store the bitcoins and access them whenever you want to make a payment. Due to advanced features, blockchain wallet provides a faster transaction process and go ahead with bitcoins to request and receive bitcoin payments!

Incredible features of blockchain wallet:

There are many features that make blockchain wallet one of the safest ways of transferring money from one end-user to other end-user. Here come the exciting features of blockchain exchange,

  • User-friendly interface: The interface of blockchain wallet is designed with user-friendly nature and so users never find an issue when it comes to transferring money. Blockchain wallet with bitcoins helps businesses since it performs day-to-day transactions. You can make your employees use the blockchain wallet for the transaction process.
  • Safe and secure: The blockchain wallet uses two important keys such as private and public keys to perform online transactions. Users may provide personal details on a blockchain wallet and the platform will never leak out even a single detail to anyone. Users can share the public key with anyone but you are not allowed to share the private keys. Blockchain wallet is designed with advanced features and minimizes the time taken to transfer money with others.
  • Low transaction fees: When you are transferring money through digital payment, you will be processed with some transaction fees, right? But, blockchain exchange will never charge the maximum amount for the transaction process. This is why everyone starts to use the blockchain exchange platform to transfer and receive money.
  • Ease of access: The accessibility of blockchain wallet helps users to securely transfer money to anyone at any time, anywhere! It doesn’t matter where you are; blockchain wallet helps you to send bitcoins without any restrictions. If you are tired of paying maximum transaction fees for every time transactions, it is time to switch over to use a blockchain wallet to access bitcoins!
  • Private transaction: With its enhanced security features, users can send and receive money privately. Blockchain wallet will never leak out any of the details such as payment amount, transaction details, private key details, and more. If you share private keys with anyone, there is a chance of bitcoins theft and so don’t share the private keys with anyone even with your friends and relatives.
  • Fast transaction process: In comparison to other digital payment systems, Blockchain Exchange helps users to process the transaction process much faster. The requested amount will be sent to other users’ accounts in a matter of seconds. Sending and receiving money becomes easier since it is all about a one-click operation. Hereafter, you do not wait for a long to transfer money to other accounts, blockchain exchanges help users to send and receive money in bitcoins to increase safety!

Create a blockchain exchange account to enjoy faster transactions:

In the middle of hundreds, blockchain exchange considers as the best and safest way of transferring money! It uses bitcoins and so it secures the amount on your wallet and enjoys faster transactions. If you are a newbie to the blockchain exchange world, it is time to create an account to transfer money to the other ends. Creating an account is easy and simple!

  • As a user, you need to select the types of OS platforms such as iOS, Android, and more.
  • After, you will be redirected to the main page where you will find “Create My Wallet”
  • Just make a snap on it and you will be asked to enter your mail id and password
  • Enter the password again to confirm the password
  • Click on a box to accept the terms and conditions
  • Finally, your Blockchain exchange wallet has been created quickly


That’s all! You are ready to use a blockchain wallet to transfer bitcoins. Now, anyone can send and receive funds online with a blockchain exchange!

Steps to create a Payment Request:

Blockchain helps to store bitcoins in your wallet. Before requesting payment, your process needs to create a bitcoin address. With the help of the bitcoin address alone, users can able to send a payment request to anyone. Using a unique bitcoin address, you can create a payment request easily and transfer amounts with just a few clicks. After getting a bitcoin address, you can create a bitcoin payment using the address. Follow the below steps to create a bitcoin payment request!

  • First, users need to enter the registered mail id and password to login into the blockchain wallet
  • Now, you will find “Request” on the top of the wallet, click on it!
  • On a menu bar, you need to select the type of currency
  • Select “Bitcoin” and choose the bitcoin that you want to receive from other end users
  • Now, it is time to copy the bitcoin address and paste it to your clipboard
  • After that, you need to share the generated bitcoin address with the sender
  • The sender scans the QR code and sends the requested bitcoin payment directly on to your wallet

Now, you will come to know the right way to create a payment request with your friend and somebody else to receive a bitcoin. Using the simple steps, you can make a payment request and receive the desired bitcoin on your wallet!

Look at these steps to generate a bitcoin payment request:

If you want to request bitcoin from your friend, you can go ahead with any of the following processes such as the generation of payment requests, or send them the generated bitcoin address. This process takes place when you don’t have a bitcoin in your wallet. If you don’t have enough bitcoins for trading or purchasing goods, you can request your friend to send bitcoins to your blockchain wallet! Follow the below-given steps and make a bitcoin payment request!

  • Login into a blockchain wallet using the registered mail id and password
  • Click on “Request” on the top corner of the wallet
  • Now, you need to drop down a menu bar and select “Bitcoin” from the available currency options
  • Then, enter the bitcoin amount that you want to request for your friend
  • You can add an explanation for the request on your clipboard
  • After the process, click on “Next” to generate a link for the payment request
  • If you want to modify the payment request details, you need to click on “Back”
  • Now, you will be forwarded to the prior page to execute changes on the payment request
  • If no need to make some changes to the payment request, you can copy a payment request link and paste it on the clipboard
  • Now, share a link with the sender
  • Finally, the sender will send the requested bitcoin to your blockchain account.


That’s all! Requesting payment for a bitcoin to your friend is easy and simple when you follow the above-mentioned steps. Requesting for a bitcoin payment to your friend is much easier and you can follow the steps if you don’t have enough bitcoins for your purchasing needs!

Seek assistance from customer support for bitcoin issues:

If you experience any issues when requesting a bitcoin payment to your friend, it is time to call the customer support number to resolve bitcoin issues. Transaction issues may happen due to technical issues but resolving is necessary to enjoy a hassle-free transaction process. Pick up your phone and dial a customer support number. When experts pick your call, you need to explain the issues you may experience when sending a payment request to the experts. The experts can hear everything from you and resolve the issues as soon as possible!

It doesn’t matter a type of bitcoin issues it might be, you need to call a customer support number to resolve the issues much faster. Bitcoin Toll-Free Number is available on the internet and it is free to access. You can call the toll-free number at any time, anywhere. Get immediate assistance and sort out the issues when it comes to transferring bitcoins to your friend’s account or requesting a bitcoin payment from your friend!

Hereafter, you do not need to worry when it comes to bitcoin issues since the customer support team is available 24*7! The experts have vast experience in handling different kinds of callers and so they resolve the issues much faster and make you enjoy a trouble-free transaction process. You can get assistance at any time, so don’t worry when you experience bitcoin issues!

  • When it comes to transferring bitcoins to your friend’s account, you may experience slow processing due to a poor network connection. You can call the customer support number and explain the issues you may experience on a blockchain wallet.
  • At the same time, when you are requesting a bitcoin payment to your friend, you cannot able to generate a link due to technical issues. When you experience this kind of issue, you need to report to the customer support team as soon as possible.
  • Alongside, users need to give enough time for the experts to resolve the issues. You do not rush them to solve the issues immediately since there are many callers who seek assistance at the same time.
  • Contacting the customer support team has become much easier due to the availability of phone numbers on the internet. Find a toll-free number from the right source and call them at once to get immediate assistance. Feel free to convey your bitcoin issues with a customer support team
Steps to report bitcoin issues to a customer support team:

When you get a line to a customer support team, you need to report bitcoin issues! if experts agree with your issues and ask you to send a photocopy about the bitcoin issues you are experiencing when it comes to sending a request for a bitcoin payment to your friend.

  • Login to your blockchain wallet
  • Find the technical bitcoin issues you may experience
  • Take photos of bitcoin issues and upload the photocopy online to the registered mail id and experts go through the issues and resolve them as soon as possible
  • Alongside, you need to add your contact number so that the customer support team of experts will call you back and report that the issues are resolved.
Get ready to access instant assistance from the experts and resolve the bitcoin issues

Whenever you may find technical issues when transferring money, requesting payment, and more; contact the toll-free number and report immediately to the bitcoin customer support team. Contact the customer support team today to resolve bitcoin issues that may happen during the payment process! Make use of the toll-free number and enjoy hassle-free transactions on a blockchain wallet. Without a doubt, bitcoins are one the safest ways to make online payments. Request Bitcoin Payment On Blockchain Wallet if you are seeking an immediate solution for the bitcoins issues, it is time to call a customer support team! Here you will get better solutions regarding bitcoins issues on the blockchain! Feel to call a customer support team and report the bitcoin issues today!