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Email services are gaining more fame among both business professionals and other individuals. It is because they are used for different communication purposes. There are tons of email services available in the modern world, but some of them are widely used for endless people. If you desire to know about this useful email service, you can read this article thoroughly. It not only shares you a few valuable details but also helps you understand what is the SMTP server for the roadrunner.

Roadrunner is the most popular email service, which is used by lots of users. The good thing about this email service is that it is suitable for both personal and professional purposes. It is essential to know that Roadrunner is offered by the most leading communication-based firm, named TWC (Time Warner Cable) Internet Service Provider.

If you want to use this email service, you need to become the current user of TWC services. The server settings of the Roadrunner Email aid you in working efficiently. It is good news for everyone that this email service has many functional features. They will meet the needs of every kind of email user. There are many beneficial reasons available to use this email service

How to Set Up Your Roadrunner Email Account?

If you want to make any changes to your email server, you can follow these steps. These similar procedures are used for setting the email account with Roadrunner.

  • At first, you can open the applications and click on ‘My Account.’
  • Here, you can choose the ‘Add Account’ option
  • Now, you can go over the menu of ‘Set-up accounts’
  • There are some other social network icons available
  • Here, you can just click on the email icon
  • In this step, you can enter the precise email address or Roadrunner service
  • It is followed by the ‘@—’ a domain name
  • You can ensure that you enter everything in the lower case
  • The next step is to enter the email password in the available space
  • Now, you can skip an ‘Automatically configure account’ option
  • Then you can enable the ‘Next’ option
  • In this stage, the mobile will get successfully connected to your email server.
  • You will receive the ‘Success!’ message on the display if your email account is correctly set up
  • Once the email setup process has completed, you can start testing your setup by receiving and sending mail.

Email Server Settings of TWC.COM Including SMTP and IMAP

It is a common question among email users that what is the SMTP server for the roadrunner. The Roadrunner Email is conjured by using the SMTP/IMAP on a spectrum. It means that there is no need for using the webmail login interface of roadrunner continuously for logging in with a spectrum.
Instead, you can receive or send emails easily with every email program such as Android Mail, Apple Mail app, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird, and much more. With desktop email applications, users can improve their office workflow quickly.
Apart from that, they provide several options, and the email addresses are available on the system even if you are not directly connected to an internet connection.

If you want to know how to set up or configure the spectrum email setting, you can read this passage. You will require SMTP and IMAP settings below for accessing the roadrunner email account from the desktop program.

If you look for TWC roadrunner settings for the account, you can look at the following server settings and have a precise idea about what is the SMTP server for the roadrunner.

TWC Email Settings For SMTP And IMAP

  • On the device, you can open the accounts application where you can find the option for adding account
  • After that, you can click on the add account option
  • Here, you can enter the username and password of roadrunner email which is used for the login process of roadrunner email
  • The next step is to configure your account for the spectrum settings of the roadrunner email.

Make the IMAP settings as follows:

  • You can set the IMAP server in the form of and also make security as none.
  • If you want to set the ports, you can set Port for the IMAP as 993.
  • After that, you can make your security port as 993 and also make the security type as TLS/SSL
  • The next step is to ensure that your insecure port is developed as 143 and also set the type of security as none

Here Are The Steps Involved In This SMTP Setting As Follow:

You can make your SMTP server as the and ensure that the overall security kind as none. After that, you can set a port for outgoing SMTP port as 587
You can ensure that the type of security is TLS/SSL. In the choice for SMTP outgoing roaming service, that is an insecure port. After that, you can security type as none and service as 587
Finally, you can click an option of done, and now you are done successfully with roadrunner SMTP and IMAP settings.

Steps Involved In Setting Roadrunner Email Settings With Pop3 Steps

If you face any challenges while performing the POP3 setting for the Roadrunner email set up, you can look at the following procedure. It helps you to set the settings for your roadrunner email login. There are several steps involved in this procedure.

  • The first step is to visit the home page where you can click on setting option
  • Then, you can click on mail, calendar, and contacts. After clicking on these things, you can choose the menu of add mail account
  • Once you have selected the menu, you can enter the all required details that include name, roadrunner email password, email address and a precise description
  • In the description field, you can now enter the roadrunner email address. It is advised to verify the given details before clicking on the button
  • Once the verification process has completed successfully, you can start entering the details related to a server. In this step, you can find out the choice of the incoming mail server. Here, you can select the POP3 of roadrunner email settings
  • After choosing the POP3 settings, you need to enter a few required details. It includes hostname, password, and username. In the hostname, you can enter; in the username. After that, you can enter the full email address of the roadrunner and password.
  • Once you have entered all the information precisely, you can click on the submit option. Then, you can enter all the necessary information for your outgoing mail service. Here, you should enter a few details like username, password, and hostname. In the hostname, you can enter You can enter the full email address of your roadrunner account in the username. This same procedure is applied to your roadrunner email password.
  • Then, you can click on the Save button. Once you have saved all the entered information, you can click on the email address available in a nested boundary.
  • Once you have clicked on your email address, you can scroll down the page for taping on the SMTP option that you will acquire below your outgoing mail server.
  • If you are tapping the choice, you can choose It is available below your main server
  • Once you have selected the choice, you will receive a fresh page in that the SSL details and server port information will display. You can ensure that the SSL details are shown none, and the server data is displayed twenty-five. If the information is correct, you can continue the process without any uncertainty. Otherwise, you will make all these settings gain
  • If you are viewing the information, you can click on the done button and leave a page of your main server
  • Then, you can re-enter your previous page on that you should choose the advanced option. In the advanced options, few details of server port and SSL will show and you should ensure these details offered in these two options
  • After ensuring the information, you should check the information shown in SSL is none, and information in your server port is
  • Once you ensure these details correctly, you can simply click on the done option. While clicking on the option, you will go back to your previous page. It is the final step to set up the POP3 for Roadrunner email setting

Steps involved in configuring roadrunner email settings on your Android device for Pop server

  • Over your android phone, you can open up your email application, where you can click on next option
  • In this step, you can choose POP 3 settings available in the menu of account type. Here, you can also find out the roadrunner password and email which is used for your roadrunner email login
  • You can configure your roadrunner email password as well as server port for a hassle-free sending and receiving of your emails

What are the steps for configuring Roadrunner Email Settings with Pop Setup?

  • On the device, you can open ‘my accounts application.’
  • After that, you can go to add account option
  • Here, you can easily set up with add account option. Here, there are many social networking options available
  • You can choose email icon where you can enter the login credentials of roadrunner email

Finally, you can configure your account and also tap on the next icon. If you complete the configuration process, you can connect your server service and also examine if you are capable of receiving and sending emails with server settings on the roadrunner email on the device.

Get customer support for technical issues

Even Roadrunner is an excellent email service, but similar to other email services, it can also have few technical bugs. If you do not have a precise idea about what is the SMTP server for roadrunner or you face any problems with this email service, you can contact the Roadrunner Helpline Number The experts can solve your technical issues immediately and bring you an enhanced experience.

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